tirsdag 28. februar 2012

New Time

Hi again,
I thought it was time to update you guys once again, I havent really been good at any updates lately, but it's mostly cause im really buissy at work so when i get home im so tired I basically just collapse on the sofa, while my future husband is the nicest person in the world making dinner for us both. Tonight i thought i had a monster romstrating in my belly, little Mikkel were doing acrobatics inside of me so i woke up at 2.30 am and did not have a single chance to fall back to sleep. Pretty enoying, but fun at the same time. At least it shows that the little guy is having a good time in there.

alot of stuff have happend since the last time i wrote anything, my mom, mother in law and father in law had their birthdays. Since my mom was turning 50 she trowed a big party for her closest friends. My brother came back from ålesund, which is always nice. The hole thing was celebrated with around 40 guests and lots of shrimps, blue shell and baccalao. jummy.... For you guys over in Malaysia, the way of eating shrimps are done in a complety different way than what you are used to.

The baby room is starting to get some stuff in it now, we already got the baby bed and Andreas was so kind to set it up while i was reading the instructions on how to do it. At the end it looked great, and i cant wait until Mikkel is out and can sleep in it. Also a little trip to IKEA was done to buy some of the blankets etc that he need. So we are almost ready now, just a trolley and a carseat then everything is good to go.

Last weekend we went to Nessa for a cabin trip with some good friends, i was the lonely one since Andreas was in Oslo playing floorball.

nice view ha?

fredag 3. februar 2012

Winter Wonderland Outside My Window

Good Evening everybody-

time for a new update i guess.

I woke up this morning in chock cause it was so bright outside, I was thinking "man, is this for real" and then I realised that I was not dreaming it had been snowing all night! I feel like I've died and come to heaven. It's so beautiful outside! I did not get the biggest christmas spirit this year, but its coming now, and im loving it.

Off course im sick so i cannot enjoy the nice weather in any other way than just looking outside my window, but it is very beautiful, dont you think?

Driving back from work out in Lye the termostat on our car showed this:

So yeah, its starting to get real winter outside! :)

The baby is crazy for the time beeing, he is kicking and punching all at ones, so my stomach is never in peace. But its very nice to feel that he's having a good time in there. Andreas has started to learn himself some songs that he keeps practicing which is very cozy!

onsdag 25. januar 2012

A New Ultrasound

Since there were some trouble deciding when the little one should come last time we went for the ultrasound, we were so lucky that we got the chance for a new ultrasound yesterday. And it was amazing, he is really starting to look like a baby now, not only in the way he looks but also in the way he acts.If you take a good look at the picture above, it is actually possible to see that he is sucking his fingers.. ohh, im in love.

This picture is a 3D of the baby, according to my friends it looks like he has my nose. I really cant wait until he's coming out to say hello :)

Sunday was a big washing day in the appartment, just woke up and started to wash it down, about time. So when we finished I already felt like a real housewife so i decided to treat us with some homemade cinnamon rolls. Very good ones if I can say that myself.

I'm having some trouble sleeping at night right now, as I told you guys last time because my back is hurting a bit, and I always sleep on my stomach which I cannot do now since its to big. So to make everything a little bit better I went to get myself a big U pillow which helps me to sleep correctly. And its soooo comfy that Andreas had troubles giving it back to me after he tried it.

onsdag 18. januar 2012

6 Months Preggo

Good morning all my friends.

Thought that it was time yet again to update you all on whats been going on lately.

I'm starting to really feel heavy, and it did not become better when I went to the midwife with Andreas to check on our baby's progress. It showed that I've gained 9 Kg (!!!) in just 7 months since I arrived back from Malaysia. I really really hope that this is all due to the baby and the boobs and everything else that follows.. I dont like to be heavy at all, and as a result of the heavy me my back is starting to hurt abit.. which sucks even more. Mostly I belive it's due to the work and stress right now, spending way to much time in front of the computer engineering..

Well at least the job is really good, the manager gave me a boost the other day by saying I was really good, and thats always good to hear.

Other than work there is not to much going on, im now the coach of two teams, one team for girls that are 13-14 years and for a team with girls varying from 15-40 years. So it's buissy days, and sometimes I wish I would have time to just sitt still for a minute or two, but since I've come home my friends, family and Andreas is taking much of my free time.. Im not complaining.. I'm having a blast :)

Andreas is playing for Lye in the Elite menn series, so he is kinda buissy all the time, so when he's not working he's training. But at least he's body is looking NIIIICCCEE now :P

A little picture of my baby belly, its growing like crazy and moving alot :))

onsdag 11. januar 2012

Till Now

So whats been happening in my life.. not too much...

well, I'm 6 months (!) pregnant tomorrow, which I think is pretty scary.. my stomach is so big and im having some small problems with my back at the moment.. probably because im not used to beeing this heavy on the frontside :)

Sunday I was sitting relaxing with my man in front of the televison and suddently my belly was moving like crazy.. the fun part is that whenever I tell the little guy to calm down, he's just kicking even more, but when Andreas is telling him to be nice he stopps at once. I therefore belive that the little guy will be a daddy's boy :)

We've already started to plan the baby room, as we are looking for something to buy but you guys know me and I dont want to buy just to buy.. I need the place to be exactly as I've imagined it to be. Not to easy as the prices here in Stavanger is crazyyyyy... Yesterday we went to look at this house which looked pretty ok on the pictures, but when we came there the house was really falling apart. Luckily for us, my father "inlaw" went with us, and since he's a builder he knows all the things we had to look for. Now the house was sold for 1.65 million ringitt (3.3 million NOK) which is unbelivable. I dont take it to hard as im already planning the baby room in our apartment right now. We already bought the baby bed, a chair for the baby and then we need to change our own bed since its currently to big.. so we need to snuggle a bit more in the future which is pretty nice :)

my baby bed :)
Mikkel's first pair of shoes :))

mandag 14. november 2011

A New Year is Beginning

Hey everybody
I was thinking that it was time to update you all on whats been going on in my life in recent times- alot have happened. Even dough i try to be good with updates on facebook, Im not feeling to good about it. So here are some pictures to explain whats been going on in my life since November, time is really flying.

1 November i was ready to start my new job with Baker Hughes, very interessing work and i really like the guys and girls that im working with here. For now it takes some time getting in to everything and doing all the QHSE courses i need to do. But i really like going to work. off course, i do miss all you guys over in Malaysia. It's weird for me to look back just a couple of months, sweating and working offshore in a hot country. Now im back in Norway, when i woke up this morning i had to scape ice off my windsheilds to be able to drive to work. It was exactly 0 degrees outside.. and yes, it feels like minus 100. :)
Its been some buissy days, and especially weekends are dissapering with the speed of lightning, there is always alot to do. A couple of weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend came to visit from Ålesund (where he studies) which was really nice, been so long since i last saw him. I've been celebrating birthdays and been really buissy so the weekends just fly away. From 8-4 every day im at the office, concentrating on getting better and up and running on everything. In mid December my entire family on my mothers side was gathered to celebrate my grandfathers 70th birthday in Ålesund. We had a wonderful time and the weather was so good :)

As for the little one inside me, its growing, my pants are starting to feel really tight around my Belly (which can be pretty enoying), but still i feel really good and cant wait to get the baby out sometime around the 14th of may. Im still freaking out a bit, cause i think its really scary to have a little one growing inside of me and that its up to me to keep him happy and safe. Honestly, it scares the shit out of me... but offcourse im looking forward to him coming and all of that, im just having a bit of a hard time, since he's really active inside of me and keeps me from getting a good night sleep. Should probably get used to it. Cause if he's just a tiny bit like his mom and dad there will be action from the first time he enters this world.

And then Christmas came around, I managed to get my christmas tree up and running, and it looked pretty nice. :) I had a wonderful and quite time with my family, missing my brother which were out in the north sea working on a supply boat.

Well, thats it for now! But happy new year to everybody!

I hope all of you are doing good, im doing amazing.. miss you all :))

torsdag 6. oktober 2011

To All My Friends Out In The World

Dear everybody in Malaysia!

My first blog for you guys are finally coming around, there is not much happening over here, its raining, its cold and very windy. :) I still havent heard anything from the transfer people, so I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.I actually had an interview on friday (!) which went pretty ok, it's still with in my area of interest (read: coiled tubing) so im crossing my fingers for a postive answer within the week.

I really dont like to be a "stay at home mom" it's so boring i cant even explain it properly. I'm cooking every single day waiting for my man to come home to me, im cleaning the apartment and trying to hold myself warm. :)

I'm sorry that there is no pictures on this blog right now, but its coming, just be patient. :)

I hope all you guys out there are good, i miss you all heeps. But for me I feel very happy when im back home :)

mandag 11. juli 2011

June- July 2011

Tenk da var sommeren nesten over for denne gang. Selv om jeg omtrent har sommer hver dag her nede synes jeg jo det er litt trist at sommeren er over. Men for jeg sier totalt hade bra til den skal jeg tilbringe 2 fantastiske uker i Tunisia sammen med "the love of my life". Kan nesten ikke vente med aa komme hjem til Norge.

Saa til noen andre fantastiske nyheter som jeg vet Andreas har fortalt noen av dere fra for, jeg har faatt bekreftet at jeg blir forflyttet hjem til Norge. Jeg vet ikke helt naar jeg kommer hjem, men hvertfall lenge for dette aaret er omme. Lurer paa hvordan det blir aa ha et normalt liv igjen hjemme. Naa lever jeg omtrent paa toast hverdag, litt goy et par ganger i uken og masse masse jobb. Tror nok jobben blir like travel men skal bli deilig aa kunne komme hjem til mannen min.

Ellers har det ikke skjedd saa alt for mye siden sist jeg oppdaterte bloggen . Har vert offshore i 2.5 uker, paa den lille tiden klarte vi selvfolgelig aa odelegge to coiler, saa vi maatte dra til land igjen.. naa sitter vi alle aa tripper her i kemaman og kan nesten ikke vente med aa komme meg ut paa sjoen igjen saa jeg slipper all myggstikkene.

Baten er ikke helt bra, men litt goy er det jo. Viss det er noe som heter kakkerlakk himmelen, saa maa det vaere denne baaten. Maten er forfaerdelig og senga er hard som stein, men det gaar paa et vis. Crewet er som alltid med paa aa gjore dagene lettere, og denne gangen hadde vi faktisk en jente til paa crewet. Det morsomtse som hendte var naar jeg fikk lunchen min en dag, paa boksen sto det "Britney Spears". hehe.. Her kommer det litt bilder fra tiden paa baaten.

mandag 20. juni 2011

Onshore Kemaman

Jeg fikk streng beskjed etter aa ha vert paa Little Bali om at jeg ikke fikk legge ut bildene paa facebook, men jeg fikk tillatelse til aa legge dem ut her paa bloggen siden ingen her nede forstaar norsk. Saa her kommer det litt bilder fra tiden jeg har vert onshore i Kemaman.
Pirates of Cherating Part II, denne gangen ble jeg nesten rovet vekk av denne piraten. hehe..

Guttaboys som drar meg avgaarde overalt, knall kjekk gjeng som det alltid er mye morro sammen med. Alle 3 er fast paa crewet mitt, saa er kjekt aa gjore noe annet enn aa bare jobbe sammen.

Lordag ringte gutta meg og spurte om jeg ville vaere med til Awana, der hele jobben skulle dra aa bade. Problemet var at jeg misliker sterkt svommebasseng naar jeg har sjansen til aa bade i sjoen, saa jeg klarte aa overtale et par til aa bli med meg paa stranden.

Hver Lordag unner jeg meg en skikkelig god frokost som jeg lager helt selv, pannekaker og jordbaer, namnam....

Hele dagen paa lordag tilbrakte jeg ved bassengkanten ved huset mitt. Siden Andreas ikke er her og kan smorre meg, saa ble jeg rod som en hummer paa hele ryggen, auuu... men naa begynner fargen aa bli ganske bra til jeg skal reise til tunisia! :)

Meg og Housematen min Ejan paa vei til Kuantan. (aa jah, jeg har kjopt meg iphone saa naa faar dere se mye mer bilder fremover)

Minum (drikke) etter jobb paa en resturant i kemaman town, Zafri, Rais, Clara (min nye housemate) og meg.

søndag 5. juni 2011

Kemaman, BBQ and Dorian Party

Da var jeg tilbake i Kemaman, det har vaert noen travle dager, men faar jo tid til litt kjekt ogsaa. Naar hele crewet mitt var tilbake fra offshore snakket jeg meg manageren min om muligheten til aa lage et grillparty i huset mitt der firmaet sponset mat. Det var han veldig med paa noe som endte med at meg og Ejan maatte arrangere grillfest. :) en veldig vellykket kveld og der kommer nok til aa bli en fortsettelse av denne nye tradisjonen. En annen dag paa kontoret fikk han ene paa crewet det for seg at han skulle sponse Dorian fest for oss som var paa BKA plattformen. Dorian er ikke akkurat det beste jeg noen gang har spist, men jeg spiste det hvertfall. Her kommer litt bilder som jeg har stjelt fra en av kompissene mine.

Crewet koser seg med dorian uten for base inngangen. Det gronne spiky greiene der ser er dorianen.

Alle er meget happy, for det er vist bare meg som ikke synes dorian er veldig godt. Men dyrt er det, nesten 100NOK for 1kilo.

Ser dere det skeptiske uttrykket mitt.. haha..

Bbq kvelden var kjempe vellykket, jeg kjopte inn litt sterkere saker aa drikke enn bare brus, noe som forte til noen morsomme oyeblikk. Vin, ol og crazy horse whiskey skal aldri mer blandes hvertfall. Paa dette bildet er det Gobalu, Meg, Ruben og Azrel.

Pah Sorman og Kah Aida synger karaoke uten for huset vaart. (Pah Sorman er foresten manageren min)

Koser oss, fra venstre, Haizat, Zainuddin, Ruben, Kellen og meg.

Naar man arrangerer bbq saa maa man jo spise maten ogsaa. Vi hadde sykt mye mat igjen etter festen. vet ikke helt hvorfor for maten var kjempe god. fra venstre ser dere Azizul Jabar, Nora, Zainuddin og meg.

Meg og Ruben paa hangout spotten paa kjokkenet i huset vaart. Det var her alle som "ikke drikker" hang.

fra venstre Azizul Jabar, Zainuddin, Thengu (something), Norhifzan (housemate) og Zafri. Zafri klarer aldri aa smile paa bilder saa han ser alltid veldig serios ut, men det er han abselutt ikke.

Thats it for denne gang. Haper dere folger litt med paa bloggen enda.. :)

tirsdag 31. mai 2011

About Time..

Her kommer det endelig litt bilder fra meg igjen, jeg vet jeg har vaert daarlig med aa oppdatere denne gangen. Men helt aerlig saa har jeg det alt for travelt eller saa er jeg for giddalaus.. :) dere kan tro hva dere vil.
Men uansett, her kommer hvertfall litt bilder fra den siste tiden.

Guttaboys gjor seg klar til aa reise fra meg. Paa grunn av at riggen maatte flytte paa seg var der ikke plass til crewet mitt ombord paa riggen, men meg kunne de ikke flytte siden baaten guttaboys reiste til ikke tillot aa ha jenter ombord. Saa jeg tilbrakte 1 uke alene midt paa sjoen, med titanic lyder rundt meg og det som verre er. Sjosyk ble jeg ogsaa.. men etter 1 uke me sovn og ensomhet var det utrolig godt naar noen vellkjente fjes dukket opp igjen! :)
Gutta maatte loftes fra riggen til supply baaten som kjorte dem til en annen baat (innviklet) :)

Typisk offshore bilde.. etter vi har jobbet 12 timers skift er det om aa gjore aa finne noe aa gjore.. daa er iphones eller andre spill greit aa ha.

jadajada, jeg feiret 25aars dagen min paa Ensco 53.. :) Gutta var saa snille at de bestillte kake til meg. Provde meg paa begynnelsen med aa si at "Hvert aar naar jeg har bursdag behandler alle meg som en prinsesse" haha.. men det funket svaert daarlig. Fikk heldigvis ringt hjem og snakket med alle sammen.

namnam, kjekke kaken min!

Dette bildet kommer bare fordi jeg savner mannen min saa utrolig masse og tenker masse paa han! <3

Dro paa jentekveld med petronas, Arabian nights... daa fant Kah Aida og Shikin ut at de skulle la meg faa ha paa meg hijab... hahaa... folte meg som verdens styggeste!! men morsomt var det.

fra venstre: Kah Aida, Meg og Shikin.

Kah Aidas eldste datter, hun kaller meg bare for Kah Bunga.. som egentlig betyr soster blomst.. haha.. :)

And thats it, jeg har ikke mer bilder, denne gangen har jeg vaert skikkelig lat, men skal prove aa se om jeg ikke kan stjele noen fra kompissene mine..