tirsdag 28. februar 2012

New Time

Hi again,
I thought it was time to update you guys once again, I havent really been good at any updates lately, but it's mostly cause im really buissy at work so when i get home im so tired I basically just collapse on the sofa, while my future husband is the nicest person in the world making dinner for us both. Tonight i thought i had a monster romstrating in my belly, little Mikkel were doing acrobatics inside of me so i woke up at 2.30 am and did not have a single chance to fall back to sleep. Pretty enoying, but fun at the same time. At least it shows that the little guy is having a good time in there.

alot of stuff have happend since the last time i wrote anything, my mom, mother in law and father in law had their birthdays. Since my mom was turning 50 she trowed a big party for her closest friends. My brother came back from ålesund, which is always nice. The hole thing was celebrated with around 40 guests and lots of shrimps, blue shell and baccalao. jummy.... For you guys over in Malaysia, the way of eating shrimps are done in a complety different way than what you are used to.

The baby room is starting to get some stuff in it now, we already got the baby bed and Andreas was so kind to set it up while i was reading the instructions on how to do it. At the end it looked great, and i cant wait until Mikkel is out and can sleep in it. Also a little trip to IKEA was done to buy some of the blankets etc that he need. So we are almost ready now, just a trolley and a carseat then everything is good to go.

Last weekend we went to Nessa for a cabin trip with some good friends, i was the lonely one since Andreas was in Oslo playing floorball.

nice view ha?

fredag 3. februar 2012

Winter Wonderland Outside My Window

Good Evening everybody-

time for a new update i guess.

I woke up this morning in chock cause it was so bright outside, I was thinking "man, is this for real" and then I realised that I was not dreaming it had been snowing all night! I feel like I've died and come to heaven. It's so beautiful outside! I did not get the biggest christmas spirit this year, but its coming now, and im loving it.

Off course im sick so i cannot enjoy the nice weather in any other way than just looking outside my window, but it is very beautiful, dont you think?

Driving back from work out in Lye the termostat on our car showed this:

So yeah, its starting to get real winter outside! :)

The baby is crazy for the time beeing, he is kicking and punching all at ones, so my stomach is never in peace. But its very nice to feel that he's having a good time in there. Andreas has started to learn himself some songs that he keeps practicing which is very cozy!