mandag 14. november 2011

A New Year is Beginning

Hey everybody
I was thinking that it was time to update you all on whats been going on in my life in recent times- alot have happened. Even dough i try to be good with updates on facebook, Im not feeling to good about it. So here are some pictures to explain whats been going on in my life since November, time is really flying.

1 November i was ready to start my new job with Baker Hughes, very interessing work and i really like the guys and girls that im working with here. For now it takes some time getting in to everything and doing all the QHSE courses i need to do. But i really like going to work. off course, i do miss all you guys over in Malaysia. It's weird for me to look back just a couple of months, sweating and working offshore in a hot country. Now im back in Norway, when i woke up this morning i had to scape ice off my windsheilds to be able to drive to work. It was exactly 0 degrees outside.. and yes, it feels like minus 100. :)
Its been some buissy days, and especially weekends are dissapering with the speed of lightning, there is always alot to do. A couple of weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend came to visit from Ålesund (where he studies) which was really nice, been so long since i last saw him. I've been celebrating birthdays and been really buissy so the weekends just fly away. From 8-4 every day im at the office, concentrating on getting better and up and running on everything. In mid December my entire family on my mothers side was gathered to celebrate my grandfathers 70th birthday in Ålesund. We had a wonderful time and the weather was so good :)

As for the little one inside me, its growing, my pants are starting to feel really tight around my Belly (which can be pretty enoying), but still i feel really good and cant wait to get the baby out sometime around the 14th of may. Im still freaking out a bit, cause i think its really scary to have a little one growing inside of me and that its up to me to keep him happy and safe. Honestly, it scares the shit out of me... but offcourse im looking forward to him coming and all of that, im just having a bit of a hard time, since he's really active inside of me and keeps me from getting a good night sleep. Should probably get used to it. Cause if he's just a tiny bit like his mom and dad there will be action from the first time he enters this world.

And then Christmas came around, I managed to get my christmas tree up and running, and it looked pretty nice. :) I had a wonderful and quite time with my family, missing my brother which were out in the north sea working on a supply boat.

Well, thats it for now! But happy new year to everybody!

I hope all of you are doing good, im doing amazing.. miss you all :))

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bijoux sa...

Haihaihaii.. Its good to read about what ure doing now.. Dont stress urself out, drink lots of water and make sure u are always happy!! Ure gonna b so cute ha ha ha..cant wait for when ure tummy gets huge. Take care, happy new year and good luck. Xoxo.