onsdag 11. januar 2012

Till Now

So whats been happening in my life.. not too much...

well, I'm 6 months (!) pregnant tomorrow, which I think is pretty scary.. my stomach is so big and im having some small problems with my back at the moment.. probably because im not used to beeing this heavy on the frontside :)

Sunday I was sitting relaxing with my man in front of the televison and suddently my belly was moving like crazy.. the fun part is that whenever I tell the little guy to calm down, he's just kicking even more, but when Andreas is telling him to be nice he stopps at once. I therefore belive that the little guy will be a daddy's boy :)

We've already started to plan the baby room, as we are looking for something to buy but you guys know me and I dont want to buy just to buy.. I need the place to be exactly as I've imagined it to be. Not to easy as the prices here in Stavanger is crazyyyyy... Yesterday we went to look at this house which looked pretty ok on the pictures, but when we came there the house was really falling apart. Luckily for us, my father "inlaw" went with us, and since he's a builder he knows all the things we had to look for. Now the house was sold for 1.65 million ringitt (3.3 million NOK) which is unbelivable. I dont take it to hard as im already planning the baby room in our apartment right now. We already bought the baby bed, a chair for the baby and then we need to change our own bed since its currently to big.. so we need to snuggle a bit more in the future which is pretty nice :)

my baby bed :)
Mikkel's first pair of shoes :))

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