fredag 3. februar 2012

Winter Wonderland Outside My Window

Good Evening everybody-

time for a new update i guess.

I woke up this morning in chock cause it was so bright outside, I was thinking "man, is this for real" and then I realised that I was not dreaming it had been snowing all night! I feel like I've died and come to heaven. It's so beautiful outside! I did not get the biggest christmas spirit this year, but its coming now, and im loving it.

Off course im sick so i cannot enjoy the nice weather in any other way than just looking outside my window, but it is very beautiful, dont you think?

Driving back from work out in Lye the termostat on our car showed this:

So yeah, its starting to get real winter outside! :)

The baby is crazy for the time beeing, he is kicking and punching all at ones, so my stomach is never in peace. But its very nice to feel that he's having a good time in there. Andreas has started to learn himself some songs that he keeps practicing which is very cozy!

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H.C. Tan sa...

hehe, just to say hi!! :) love to read updates of your future-newborn